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A Safe Space

Deciding to make a change is difficult, and the choice usually comes with ambivalence. In therapy we have the opportunity to process your options until we reach a strategy that you feel confident in. We will work through the roadblocks together using guided exploration and through the development of skills that support your emotional awareness, interpersonal effectiveness, and problem-solving abilities. Together we will practice techniques that will help you to deepen your relationships, reduce psychological pain and live a joyful and meaningful life.

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A Collaborative Process

I provide a warm, nonjudgmental space for exploration while consistently encouraging you to integrate new insights, try different approaches, and change repetitive patterns. I will encourage you to work steadily toward your goals with regard to your relationships, work, and the pursuit of joy.


I have extensive experience working with individuals who have never been in therapy before as well as those who have had negative or dissatisfying therapy experiences in the past. If this is the case, I invite you to share your experiences with me so that we may collaborate to individualize your treatment approach and work in a manner that is both comfortable and effective for you.

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